User Experience Upgrade

Your business…through your customer’s eyes.

User Experience Upgrade 👍

Whether online or in-person, customers may decide to return to your business (or not) depending on the quality of their experience. This includes details like ease of finding your location and contact information, reviewing your products and pricing, and how smoothly you deliver your products and services.

User Experience Upgrade is a marketing service package designed to show you what it’s like to be your own customer, so you can ensure you’re providing the best experience possible.

With User Experience Upgrade, we’ll take a look at the sequencing of your customer’s journey from start to finish, identify what’s working well, address pain points, and smooth out any bumps in the road.

This collaborative and dynamic process entails:

  • Identify which experience(s) to target for analysis
  • Clarify experience outcomes from a business and customer perspective
  • Deep dive into what you want to happen and how you want your customer to feel
  • Walk through and analyze every step of the customer journey
  • Document and review feedback for customer/user experience improvement
  • Explore and implement simple, feasible solutions


  • Pricing for a single User Experience Upgrade begins at $999
  • For in-person analysis, additional fees may apply
  • User Experience Upgrade may be combined with other marketing service packages