Startup Skyrocket

Anyone can entrepreneur.

Startup Skyrocket 🚀

Startup Skyrocket is a flexible, monthly marketing and business development service package designed to support emerging entrepreneurs and new business ventures.

Whether your new business venture is about holistic wellness, pet care, real estate, or apparel design, you need support, a sounding board, and a solid plan to get it off the ground – or take things to the next level.

With Startup Skyrocket, we collaborate on essential, foundational elements of your business that give you the confidence to take your offering to market or expand your existing efforts, including:

  • Your ‘why’; what motivates you and what you aim to accomplish
  • What your business is, what it does, and what it’s called
  • Your unique service or product offering and why it’s different
  • Your business mission, vision, and values
  • Your brand personality, voice, look, and feel
  • Your personal development in the role of founder or CEO
  • Clarity regarding your target audience/market/client
  • A sound pricing model and achievable financial objectives
  • Your ideal operating structure and staffing
  • Your marketing/communication approach