Socially Networked

Get your network together.

Socially Networked 📱

Mutually-beneficial relationships and partnerships are at the heart of any successful business venture. However, it can be challenging to focus given the many networking mediums and platforms to choose from. That is why a strategy for starting new and maintaining well-established relationships, both on and offline, is an essential part of your marketing mix.

Socially Networked is a flexible, monthly marketing service package designed for new or established businesses to create a Relationship Roadmap tailored to their offering and goals. The Relationship Roadmap is a tool that can be used to develop a marketing strategy, calendar, and content formats and templates that support your desired business outcomes.

Developing your Relationship Roadmap is a collaborative process that entails:

  • A deep dive into your ideal/target audience/customer/client/patron
  • A review of your existing social networks, email list(s), and followings
  • Identify opportunities and organizations with which to network in-person/online
  • Identify what platforms are well-suited to your target audience and market/industry
  • Identify what kind(s) of content you enjoy creating and can be created in parallel with your primary offering
  • Research specific tools that are available in your market/industry
  • Determine how frequently you want/are able/is appropriate to communicate/message/post
  • Determine types of content/posts make sense for your industry/market
  • Compile relevant hashtags, keywords, and calls to action
  • Explore other kinds of relationships and/or experiences that can support your efforts (e.g. mentorship, continuing education, etc.)