Open Edit

Your second set of eyes – on call.

Open Edit ✍️

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re spinning lots of plates – and that means you likely need a second set of eyes when it comes to the finer details, such as proofreading documents and providing feedback on written content for your website, social media platforms, blog, online course, or e-book content. Professional editing services can be the difference between content that’s “meh” or “yeah!”

Open Edit is an ala carte, comprehensive, quick-turn editing service that ensures your content is cohesive, grammatically sound, and typo-free.

With Open Edit, we’ll engage a collaborative process to refine your content as follows:

  • Submit your project or document(s) for word count, pricing, and turnaround time
  • Agree to the method of feedback, e.g. Word Track Changes, Google Docs Reviewing, or other as appropriate
  • Review your business goals and what your content aims to accomplish
  • Review your brand personality, voice, and writing style
  • Submission of feedback in writing with comments
  • Follow-up video or conference call(s) to elaborate on feedback, live-edit, and finalize your project or document(s)