Documentation Nation

When in doubt, write it down.

Documentation Nation 🗃️

In keeping up with our myriad of daily responsibilities, we may struggle with zooming out to the big picture, making a plan, and getting ahead of life’s many twists and turns. With a zillion passwords to remember (or forget), priority lists that change daily, and information and ideas swirling around in our monkey minds constantly, we can become a jumbled mess – leading to errors and mistakes that could have been avoided.

And whether you are a wannabe entrepreneur, side hustler, career/lifestyle transitioner, or all of the above, it can be a challenge to put everything into perspective, and optimize your time and energy relative to what you want to happen. Whereas coaches and therapists play an important role in being our sounding board, and helping us to get clarity about our thoughts and emotions, they are relatively hands-off when it comes to creating practical tools and systems.

That is where we come in! Documentation Nation is an ala carte listening, strategic planning, and documentation service package designed to get important information, ideas, and action items into one place, create a structure, and keep it current for your continual reference and prioritization. Listening and documentation sessions are available on-call to ensure that when you get a burst of insight or need to add 10 more things on your to-do list, someone is there to help you document, prioritize, and create a pathway to get it all done.

Documentation Nation provides a few moments of zen and clarity in a world in which we are each susceptible to distraction, disinformation, and disorganization.

A few examples of how Documentation Nation can support your current situation include:

  • Planning a transition from traditional job to entrepreneurship; exploring the intersection of what you have to offer and what the world needs
  • Converting a side hustle to a full-time gig; identifying what would it take financially, organizationally, and otherwise
  • Documenting and centralizing essential information like passwords, timelines, priority lists, and action items to ensure nothing falls off your radar and/or to share with family and key collaborators
  • Taking down and organizing your narrative/story/book idea for posterity or product development
  • Developing content and ideas for your professional portfolio, resume, and/or social media presence


  • Pricing for Documentation Nation begins at $499; includes 4 60-75 minute sessions with no expiration
  • Documentation Nation may be combined with other marketing service packages