Content Starter Pack

Write your way to success.

Content Starter Pack 💼

All businesses need foundational marketing copy that describes their offering on platforms including their business website, sales presentations, social media platforms, or third-party sites. Content Starter Pack is a one-time marketing service package designed for new businesses to develop seed content for use in all of these ways.

The purpose of this content is to ensure potential customers understand, and, ultimately, purchase your products or services. Well-written and engaging content can also lend credibility to your business, and help you to secure new clients when you’re first getting started.

With Content Starter Pack, we’ll:

  • Determine what business elements you need to describe; such as: business name, overview, tag line, product description(s), bio(s), and elevator pitch
  • Review your business goals and what your content aims to accomplish
  • Incorporate relevant hashtags, keywords, and calls to action
  • Develop your business’ personality, voice, and writing style
  • Collaborate on content copywriting and editing through remote collaboration and live working sessions
  • Tailor different versions of your content for various purposes
  • Finalize content that is ready to publish