Content Accelerator

Your content game…on point.

Content Accelerator 📓

Whether you are starting a business or ramping up a marketing plan to acquire new customers, a pre-written trove of content can help you get ahead – so you can focus on delivery. However, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with staring at a blank page.

Content Accelerator is a marketing service package designed to get you ahead on your content marketing game, whether your preferred formats are website, social media, email, blog, e-books, or all of the above.

With Content Accelerator we engage a collaborative process to brainstorm, calendar, draft, edit, and, ultimately, publish engaging content in formats that make sense for your business. When we’re done, you’ll have a content ‘holy grail’ that you can return to for ideas and inspiration again and again.

The Content Accelerator process goes something like this:

  • Review your business goals and what your content aims to accomplish
  • Compile relevant hashtags, keywords, and calls to action
  • Determine what formats, channels, and platforms will work best to accomplish your goals; stand up new and deactivate existing as needed
  • Refine your brand personality, voice, and writing style
  • Collaborate on content copywriting and editing through remote collaboration and live working sessions
  • Finalize content that is ready to publish